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Centre for obesity medicine Wuerzburg

Beginning in 1997, obese patients are treated at the Unviversity hospital Wuerzburg.

We would like to provide an overview on the topic of overweight, bariatric surgery and the obesity centre of wuerzburg and the possibilities to help you, if you're suffering from obesity.

Obesity and the consequences

Severe obesity and the resulting health issues are more and more becoming an social and even an economic problem.

The risk to develop one of the so called civilized diseases is remarkably higher for obese people.


Diabetes mellitus Typ II, elevated blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases are as well the direct consequence of overweight as strokes, joint complaints and even a higher rate of certain cancers.

In addition to that, there are dyspnea under stress, heart burns and many other conditions.

Beside these disadvantages for each individual, obesity causes economic problems. Obese patients are often impaired concerning their professional life. Treating side effects and following diseases costs a lot.

Epidecmic obesity

The grade of obesity is measured as Body-Mass-Index in in kg/m²


Compared to other european countries, germany is leading the obesity league. On an international field, the US are top of the list. The spreading of obesity developed an epidemic notion. Bariatric procedures are among the most frequent performed.

Treatment options

There are different options for treating obesity. An operation should always be considered last, when all other measures proofed to be effortless, including diets, consultation of nutrition specialist and psychologists, medical treatment and treatment in diet clinics.

Conservative therapy

The conservative therapy of obesity includes identifying and treating of metabolic disorders, causing or contributing to overweight. A medical treatment following a multi-level strategy can help to reduce weight.

Bariatric surgery

There are several very effective procedures which can help to reduce heavy overweight. Usually, the coexisting diseases are improving after surgery is performed.



Costs of treatment

The costs for a bariatric operation are not covered by health insurances in germany at present. In selected cases, an application to cover the costs can be address to the health insurance company.

The centre for obesity medicine

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