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Obesity and nutrition

The coincidence of obesity and wrong nutrition is a commonly accepted truism. Nevertheless the good advice to cut down food intake is not of great help to most patients. Also avoiding to overfeed might be a perfect prophylaxis, it does not work as a conservative therapy. Obesity must be considered a chronic disease, needing a constant therapy and even an operation could not completely solve. Rather an accompanying and supportive nutrition counsel is inevitable.

Follow-up focuses on sustainable weight loss and recognizing and treatment of vitamin shortage. By reducing the amount of food, the risk for malnutrition raises. By changing the way of digestion the problem might be aggravated.

Time of consultation

Implemented in our multi-disciplinary concept of treating obesity, you going to see nutrition counselors even before the operation. Then right before the operation day, you receive another training. Before you're discharged from hospital, another counsel is held. The aim of this lessons is to teach you the new principles of eating and drinking. Especially in the direct postoperative period, these rules a critical and you must obey them. During follow-up, you will see the nutritional counselor on a regular basis.


Be a gourmet

The most import change in the way you eat and drink must be from quantity to quality. That means you should take wholefood instead of fast food respecting the smaller meals. Chewing well and eating slowly will have the best effect on satiety, those should be the tent poles of good nutrition. You have to keep in mind, that despite to the dramatically decreased amount of food, you have to take up all relevant vitamins and trace elements. It's also vital to take enough liquids.

Food supplement

Due to the changed digestion after certain procedures, the food must be supplemented by different vitamins and trace elements. The dosage is going to be tailored to your individual needs.