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Family doctors & general practitioners

Each centre is only as strong as the network in which it is located. The work of family doctors, general practitioners and other specialists is priceless for us. It's them who know the patients best, their personal, medical and even family history. They have supported patients for a long period and have seen all the diets and medical treatments passing without relevant effect.

If your house doctor or diabetologist is referring you to us, it would be very helpful if she/he could write a short summary and attestation of the therapy that was undertaken.

We always try to avoid double-examination to provide patient comfort and to be cost-efficent.

What you should bring

If you're coming for the first time to the obesity centre, were going to take time to get to know you better. Nevertheless, time in consultation-hour is always short.

To help us save time and focus on the relevant issues, please bring following documents with you:

  • Diary of weight and nutrition
  • List of all diets
  • Your Weight-Watchers Journal if there is one
  • Contracts from Optifast, if there is one
  • Reports from nutritonal trainings
  • Certificate of support groups
  • Lists of work-out activities
  • Report from Rehab
  • Attestations of side-diseases
  • Report of medical treatment