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Metabolic medicine

One of the main fields of internal medicine is metabolic medicine. All disorders concerning hormons in the adult are diagnosed and treatet at the centre for internal medicine Wuerzburg. This includes:

  • Diabetes mellitus Typ 1 and Typ 2
  • Fat-metabolism-disorders
  • Diseases of the hypthalamus
  • Disorders of the thyroid/parathyroids
  • Diseases of the adrenal gland
  • Disorders of the testes and ovaries
  • metabolic bone disorders, osteoporosis

Patients suffering from one of these diseases are treated and diagnosed in two special outpatient deparmtments and are admitted to the wards M31 and M33 when necessary.


In two special outpatient departments obese patients are examined and treatet according to their underlying metabolic disorder which can cause and/or support overweight. Before any operation, patients are examind by a specialist to detect such disorders.

Patients who don't met the critererias for bariactric surgery or don't fullfill the prerequisites are treated in a multimodal way to help them in loosing weihgt or fullfill the requirements of a cost application for bariatric surgery.


A bariatric procedere has dramatic influence on physiology and digestion. Thus can result in a reduced uptake of certain vitamins and other essentials. In addition to that, many obese patients are malnutritionend despite the fact that they take enough food.

This puts a strong emphasis in discovering and treating such malnutrition before any operation. After bariatric procedures it ist very important to surveil the nutritinonal status and to treat possible disorders effecitvly. One of the benfits of our metabolic outpatient department it's own lab, which can easily and cost-effective perform the complex lab-tests that are necessary.

Side-effects of obesity

Severe obesitiy can cause a lot of other diseases including diabetes, raised blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. An appointment in the department for internal medicine is made to discover such conditions and treat them right. In the course of follow-up after bariatric procedures, such disorders improve dramatically, some may even resolve. It is important to monior those improvement and adjust the medication where necessary.

Where to find us?

The metabolic outpatient department is located in the centre for internal medicine, Buildung A3, Level -2

Appointments can be made from 8.30-13 pm, Tel. 0931 201 39212