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Doctor's consultation

Usually, the first contact is made at the surgical consultation-hour, because patients that underwent all different kind of therapies decide to go for surgical treatment.

The consultation-hour in bariatric surgery takes place an mondays beginning from 8 am to 3 pm. Appointments can be made at our central patient management, phone 0931/201 39999. To learn more about the prerequisites you should meet, please click here.

First contact

In a detailed dialogue, your medical history and the individual prerequisites for bariatric surgery are being discussed. After excluding contraindications, the surgeon will select an appropriate procedure for you according to your BMI, nutritional behavior, concomitant diseases and many other individual factors.

Further investigation

In order to provide a fully covered examination and diagnosis and to complete the conservative treatment if necessary, an appointment at the internal medicine department is made for you. You will be seen by metabolic specialists. Their assessment is going to be part of the application we will send to your insurance company.

If the conservative therapy is not exhausted, the metabolic specialist will set up a conservative treatment for you in order to reduce weight without an operation.

A consultation of our centre's psychologist has the aim of preoperative evaluation and examination. This assessment also is part of the application we write on your behalf. After an operation you will see the psychologist for regular follow-up.



The application

Having finished all pre-examination and after all necessary documents have been provided, we write an application for covering the cost to your insurance company. This doesn't cause any costs for you.

The application will be forwarded by your insurance company to the MDK, the medical counselling service of the insurance companies. This institute gives advice to the insurance wether your application is eligible and can be granted.

You may receive a letter from your insurance company, hopefully with a positive answer. If not, we check the rejection and the possible reasons and discuss with you a further conservative treatment or an objection to the refusal. In any case, having received a rejection, you should send a informal objection to your insurance to maintain the deadline. A detailed objection will be send by us after having checked the possible reasons.


If the insurance company gives you a positive answer, we will determine the operation date, complete necessary pre-examinations and inform you about the planned operation and the necessary anesthesia so you can give your informed consent. The stay in the hospital will be 5-7 days normally.

To learn more about the different procedures, please click here.


To achieve the best possible follow-up and a sustainable weight loss, you're going to have regular follow-up appointments. Depending on the kind of operation and the time of follow-up you will be seen by a surgeon, metabolic specialist from the internal medicine department, a psychologist, a nutritional counselor or a combination of them.


You should meet those criterias:

  • You are between 18 and 65 years old.
  • Your BMI is higher than 40 kg/m²
    or your BMI is higher than 35
    You're suffering form side-diseases as diabetes, joint complaints, heart problems, sleep apnea, dyspnea
  • You're obese for more than 5 years
  • A mulit-level-strategy effort in conservative therapy has failed
  • You don't have any other curable disease that causes or contributes to obesity
  • You're willing to change your life-style and nutritional behavior completely and take advantage of a life-long follow-up programm
  • You're not addicted to alcohol or drugs

Surgical Follow-Up

At the beginning of surgical follow-up the main focus is on operative complications. Having received an adjustable gastric banding you may undergo tests of it's function or adjustment of the filling. For that, sometimes and xray or endoscopy is necessary.




Medical Follow-Up

The medical aspect of follow-up is to identify and treat metabolic disorders and the lack of vitamins or trace elements. Certain blood tests can show this, the treatment consists of tablets or vitamin shots on a regular basis.




Psychological follow-up

Psychological follow-up aims at the determination and coping of psychological and psycho-social problems. A bariatric procedure can have a tremendous impact not only on overweight but the hole life. With our support, we would like to help you to loose weight in a healthful and sustainable way.