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The Wuerzburg concept

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Severe obesity and the resulting health issues are a complex problem and a challenge to any physician. In order not to ignore causes or problems, that exceed the knowledge and experience of one specialty, the examination of obese patients and their treatment is alway interdisciplinary in the obesity centre of Wuerzburg.

Before an operation might be performed, you're going to be seen by several different departments an specialists. Together they will decide, wether and what operation will be performed.

Life-long Follow-Up

But that's not all, the cooperation continues in terms of regular follow-up. Depending on the kind of operation and the time of follow-up, you will be seen and supported by either a surgeon, a endocrinologist, psychologist, nutrition counselor or a combination of them.

Recent studies have shown, that up to 30% of patients undergoing bariatric surgery are non-responders in terms of adequate weight loss. The reason for that a numerous. It can be due to insufficient compliance, psychological or psycho-social problems and most of of all a lack of good follow-up.

To meet this challenge, we provide a life-long follow-up to help you with the changes in life-style and nutritional behavior. By doing so, we can determine problems before they develop and face them in an